Rope sockets EN13411-7

Our wire rope end fittings, compliant with the EN13411-7 standard, are designed with a symmetrical design and equipped with an eye bolt to ensure safety and reliability in any setting. We offer a comprehensive range of wedge rope sockets, available with or without spring set, including models upon request with rubber buffer, suitable for a […]

Welded plated asymmetric rope sockets

Discover our wire rope asymmetric wedge sockets tested according to EN13411-6 standards. Welded in sheet metal, available with or without spring sets. Suitable for a wide range of wire rope diameters. Reliable and compliant with the highest standards

Forged wire rope wedge sockets

Explore our range of forged wire rope wedge terminations. Tested to meet EN13411-6 standards, Unique offers a comprehensive selection suitable for all commonly used rope diameters. Experience the assurance of reliable quality, customized to fulfill your specific requirements.

Compression springs

Our compression springs, made of EN10270-1 SH carbon steel, serve as the ideal accessory for our wedge sockets. We provide a comprehensive range of options, including customized kits with bushings and special washers, to suit your specific requirements. Experience the versatility and reliability of these springs, meticulously designed to ensure optimal performance in your lifting […]

Collar springs and bushings

Explore our range of collar springs and bushings, vital components for your compression springs and wedge sockets. We provide customized sets for tailored solutions. Opt for Unique products renowned for superior quality and flawless customization. Refer to the technical datasheet for more information.

Rubber buffers

Our polyurethane springs offer a versatile alternative to traditional compression springs for our wedge sockets. Rubber buffers are supplied in heat-sealed bags with washers and are compatible with M10/12/16 rods, ensuring reliable, durable performance in your lifting systems.

Rope sockets

Explore Unique’s EN13411-7 compliant wire rope termination without rod, designed for reliability and safety across various lifting applications. Rely on our superior quality and precision to meet your lifting needs flawlessly

Wire rope clips

Elevate your lifting solutions with wire rope clips compliant with DIN 741 or drop forged galvanized steel ‘Made in Italy’. Extensive warehouse availability to meet every demand.

Belt sockets

Unique’s belt sockets, crafted for traction belts, ensure precision and reliability. With threaded rods fitting belts from 25 to 60mm wide and made from durable material 1.6220. Trusted by top elevator traction belt manufacturers worldwide. See datasheet for more details.


Uncover our hot-forged elevator guide rail T-clips, available in a wide range of materials and configurations. Ideal for low-rise buildings, ensuring reliability and adaptability. Unique proudly collaborates with premier international elevator guide manufacturers. Discover your perfect fit in our datasheet.